More than 30 years of expertise and innovation inside the traditional and industrial bakery!

It’s in Quebec city, in 1988, that François Joyet opened the first authentic Montreal style Bagel shop with a wood fired brick oven. Today, the founder of Maguire Bakery has for mission to bake artisanal style bakery products in an industrial environment all the while meeting the highest industry standards.

Always sensitive to consumer trends and desires relative to healthy lifestyles, Maguire Bakery is in constant evolution and offers a wide range of innovative products. From the authentic bagel to the all-new Bagelwich, famous for the absence of its hole, and now the new Minis, the company offers simple solutions for all occasions of the day!



The Food Factory show presenting the Bagelwich will make you discover an inside view of the factory as well as a step by step walkthrough the different stages of manufacture that contribute to the uniqueness of our products.

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Important facts

Maguire Bakery owns a 40,000 square foot BRC certified facility, on a 100,000 square foot lot. The factory has storing capacity for 450 pallets of frozen products.

Maguire Bakery has the capacity to produce 1,000,000 fozen cases per year.

The Maguire Bakery team has a cumulative of more than a century of experience in the bakery industry.

Maguire Bakery aims at becoming the leader of the industry with its innovative, healthy and flavorful range of bakery products that will satisfy all consumer requirements relative to the precision of labelling, the high fibre content and the low quantity of sodium.