Achieving a tradition of excellency since 1988, Maguire Bakery still produces today the authentic Montreal Style Bagel from its artisan shop in Quebec City on Maguire avenue.

In order to offer this unique and wonderful taste in the new factory, our products are boiled before being baked on the hearth of the oven. This process insures that the customer will get a product of superior quality and texture as well as a taste that distinguishes itself from other bakery products.


Bagel MTL style – sesame

Bagel MTL style – sesame

The authentic, the original, the one and only bagel that carries on through ages.

Always boiled in sugary water before cooking, with sesame seeds in abundance on both of its sides, cooked on the hearth of the oven, giving it its crust and dense dough.

There is the New York style bagel that’s a bread, then, you have the Montreal style bagel that is unique.

Your pick, your discovery.

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Farine de blé enrichie non blanchie, eau, sucre, levure, huile de canola, sel, farine de malt (orge), vinaigre, propionate de calcium, farine de blé, enzymes, acide ascorbique.


Graines de sésame.


Blé, orge, graines de sésame.